How to Express Our Love for Food (in GIFs, Natch)

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On the list of Greatest Things Ever, food earns a top spot, if not TOP billing. Besides needing it to survive, there is no greater feeling than saying, “Get in my belly!” to your favorite food, and then having that food get in your belly. It’s amazing, magical, life-changing. These (GIF-ified) celebs understand.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if there is a food that is a food,
Selena Gomez will love it.


When foods look too pretty to eat, it is very confusing. We can’t blame Ed Sheeran for questioning the status of his cake pops.

ed sheeran cake pops

We’ll drink to that, Zoey Deutch.

zoey deutch drink

Tyler Posey rocks the “I’m about to eat food” dance. Oh, what — you don’t have one?

tyler posey food

Cher Lloyd likes to play with her food. Typical.

cher lloyd peppers

Maybe one day, if Colton Haynes takes over the world,
you will be able to put this skill on your resume.

colton haynes eating

Driving while eating is dangerous (thank goodness for green screens), but we’re also kind of jealous of Kelly Clarkson. Her noodles match her dress!

kelly clarkson eating

Jennifer Lawrence, queen of the food GIFs, answers the question that everyone asks around Halloween season:

jennifer lawrence candy

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