10 Celebrities Who Had a Run-In With the Law This Year

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There are certain places you’re used to seeing celebs, like the big screen and the red carpet. There’s just something so fitting about an A-lister getting their first kiss in front of you at the movie theater and appearing all over your Instagram feed in an eye-catching gown at the Grammy Awards. And when Lady Gaga used to hit the stage in the craziest ensembles we’d ever laid eyes on, it was so clear that that was exactly where she was supposed to be.

Because of that, there are some other places where you absolutely wouldn’t expect to lay eyes on a Hollywood hottie. We all know they live in fab houses with more rooms than a hotel and meet each other in Beverly Hills or Brooklyn for super chic brunches, but who likes to think about them filling out paperwork at the doctor’s office or sitting in traffic? They’re made for bigger and better things than that, right?

Having a run-in with the cops is definitely not included in those bigger and better things. So whether you’ve caught a sneaky paparazzi shot of Lindsay Lohan wearing handcuffs, or come across Justin Bieber‘s grinning mug shot or Chace Crawford‘s brooding one, it feels weird at first — fake even — when one of your favorite stars gets in legal trouble. Part of that is because we see A-listers getting arrested in movies sometimes, but mostly it’s because our favorite Hollywood hotties seem like they’re invincible. The first time you see Shailene Woodley in an orange jumpsuit, it’s like, come on… HER?!

But it turns out, celebrities haven’t been getting away with much this year. In fact, they’ve been getting nabbed for some crazy things you’ll have to read a couple of times before you believe. Got any guesses as to which rapper is being charged with inciting a riot? Take a look!