Why All 20 of These Celebrities Have Gotten in BIG Trouble on Airplanes

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Every single one of us has some embarrassing stories. Maybe you peed your pants way back when you were in kindergarten or you wore the exact same dress as two other girls on prom night. Whatever your story is, know you’re not alone. Even celebrities do things that they regret — and more often than not, they do it in front of the camera! From experiencing a wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet or forgetting the words to their own songs on stage, A-listers do it all.

In fact, their embarrassing stories are usually way worse than ours. That’s because when they mess up, everyone knows about it by the end of the day. Take these celebs in particular. They each did something to get themselves kicked off of an airplane — and if you’ve ever flown before, you know that doesn’t happen very often. But instead of being able to keep it between them, the crew, and the rest of the passengers, we all found out. Whoops!