5 Celebs Who Are Definitely NOT Hipsters Looking Like Hipsters

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Hipsters. We all know ’em and we all love ’em (well, sometimes). Maybe you can identify them by their apathetic gaze? Their signature “geek” glasses? Their flannel shirts or casual “That’s so mainstream” catchphrases? Well, you can’t deny that a lot of celebs are hipsters. But even some non-hipster celebs like to pretend too and it can get kinda weird…

Katy Perry
Katy is more Queen of Sparkly Fruit Outfits than Queen of the Hipsters. But in this pic, we almost can’t handle her funky fresh ’90s spandex/high-waisted bleached shorts combo and throwback Beanie Baby accessories.


Miranda Cosgrove
Perhaps we could get into a serious debate about whether this iCarly star is more adorable or hipster in this photo, but you can’t deny that her little beatnik hat is hipster-esque. Plus an Instagram photo? That’s just too easy…


Emma Stone
She can never be a true hipster ’cause she — this is gonna sound bad — loves everything. So she can’t have that signature “whatever” ‘tude that most hipsters do. But in this photo, she looks like she’s too hipster to care.


Dakota Fanning
Proper lady Dakota Fanning looks less prim, more cooler-than-thou in this photo.
Hipster stance of apathy/judgement? Definitely.


Taylor Swift
If there were a dictionary definition of not-a-hipster, it would be her. But she tries so freakin’ hard in her “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” video. She even hired a slew of them to party with her! Wonder how many she picked up from Urban Outfitters and American Apparel?

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