7 Celebrities Who Appeared in Barbie Commercials Before Fame

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As any girl will tell you, Barbie dolls were the toy growing up. She had the coolest accessories and outfits, so what was not to love?? And, get this, some of your favorite stars were actually Barbie girls! Zendaya might be the latest star to be made into a modern-day Barbie (rocking her iconic Oscars look), but she is definitely not the first star to be involved in the figurine’s legacy.

Before they were famous, there were at least seven current female celebrities who promoted the dolls in commercials. So, what does it take to be in a Barbie ad? A big smile, a LOT of enthusiasm and being able to show off the doll in a fun way. Everyone from a Pretty Little Liars star to a former Nickelodeon actress has starred in an advertisement for this doll and we’ve rounded them up for you below: