13 Celebrities Who’ve Been Hospitalized for the Same Confusing Reason

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Just like us, celebrities can get sick. Sometimes, they come down with an illness that’s so serious that it warrants a visit to the hospital. Other times, they get “exhausted” and wind up at the “hospital” — a sentence that’s plentiful use of quotation marks expresses just how full of crap this excuse actually sounds to the trained ear. That is, anyone who’s spent a little while listening to celebrities explain why they suddenly fell off of the map for a few days or weeks.

We aren’t saying that the real reason they went M.I.A is ALWAYS drug-related or due to some other nefarious reason. We’re just saying that we see right through the excuses of celebrities like these 13, when they try to convince us that actual humans go to the hospital for being really, really… tired? We’re not even sure what the medical definition of exhaustion even entails. #confused