12 Sets of Celebrities You Had No Idea Went to High School Together

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Not everyone can say they went to high school with someone who made it big in Hollywood — but it happens. Just take one look at all the celebs who have non-famous best friends and you’ll see that, as crazy as it sounds, many of them still hang with people they met at school. Ariana Grande is close with a girl she’s known for, like, ever, for crying out loud! That just means there are a lot of star-studded reunions and a lot of people out there with some serious bragging rights. “I knew [insert celeb name here] before they were famous…” — talk about a conversation starter!

But how crazy is it that some of our favorite Hollywood hotties went to high school together, some even graduating in the same senior class? We know it’s hard to picture Kate Hudson and Liv Tyler chatting in the cafeteria, but that’s what happened. And it’s happened to other stars, too! Even Scarlett Johansson took a certain famous someone to prom, which is pretty mind-blowing. When we heard that, we just had to round up the craziest classmate duos — and even a trio! It just goes to show that you never know who that cute guy (or nerd) in your gym class is gonna grow up to be.

So next time you’re struggling to stay awake in algebra, take a look around the room and see if you can predict who’s on their way to stardom. Maybe it’s the girl with the YouTube beauty channel, or the guy who stars in every school play. It could very easily be someone you’ve never even heard of who’s been under the radar this entire time. Who knows, it might even be you — and your bestie, too!