6 Celebrities Who Were Actually Happy for Their Exes When They Got Married

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We all remember the good ol’ days when the cast of Gossip Girl all dated each other in a gorgeous, yet slightly incestuous manner. In fact, we reminisce on those times quite frequently — mostly when we’re re-binge-watching the show on Netflix. Unfortunately, life happens, and celebrity couples break up — even the ones we thought would actually be together forever… like Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester, for example. We mean, did anyone not think that Chuck and Blair would eventually get married in real life? The day the IRL couple split is the day that true love died, and we all know it.

Somehow, life goes on, however. Celebrities find their true soulmates in other people, and the world continues to turn. And yeah, it sucks for us, but we’re happy for them. And, apparently, sometimes they’re happy for each other, too! Since we’re creepy celeb stalkers, we know which Hollywood ex-couples are still friends with each other and have no hard feelings when one moves on. Think of it like this — when a good thing happens to your best friend, you congratulate him/her. We’re not really sure what the protocol is on reacting to your ex’s new marriage, however, but we imagine it goes something like what the celebs in this slideshow did.

In these cases, our fave stars watched a former flame get hitched to someone else, but were still classy enough to actually congratulate them on the exciting occasion. That’s REALLY saying something on these celebrities’ character, if you ask us. There’s no need for harsh feelings or animosity among exes, especially when a good amount of time has passed since they were together romantically.