10 Pairs of Celebs You’d Never Guess Used to Be Friends With Benefits

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Friends with benefits, no strings attached — whatever you want to call it, we all know what it means. There were two almost identical movies of the same titles out the same year to explain the concept to us, after all. Even those of us who haven’t been a part of a pairing like this ourselves know that it’s when two friends hang out and hook up, but don’t define their relationship past that. It just is what it is.

A casual bond like that may sound like heaven to some and hell to others, but it’s more common than you would think — especially in Hollywood. The only problem? Celebrities already keep quiet about their real boyfriends and girlfriends — not everyone makes out in front of the paps like Cameron Dallas and Giorgia Caldarulo, after all — so why would they open up about the A-listers they’re not even committed to? You see the dilemma…

Fortunately, these celebs weren’t as hush-hush about their hookups as they could have been. With a little sleuthing and a lot of gossip, it’s clear there was more going on with these co-stars and exes than met the eye. Some of them even confirmed our suspicions by eventually dating for real and even ending up at the altar together. Who knew messing around could lead to taking a vow? Check it out!