16 Celebs You Didn’t Know Are Friends With a Member of the Royal Family

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We already blew your minds with a list of celebs who are technically related to the royal family, but it turns out there’s something even better than being 12th cousins with Queen Elizabeth II. Because even though blood is thicker than water, is it really that thick if you’re tracing your lineage back that far? Beyonce may kind of be royalty, but you didn’t see her getting an invite to Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s wedding in 2011.

If you ask us, we would much rather be friends of the royal fam than distant family members. A bond like that is much stronger — possibly strong enough to get you to Windsor Castle in May to see Meghan Markle wearing white. That might just be case for these 16 celebs who have been buddy-buddy with royals in the past. Maybe they’ve already scored their invites?