10 Times Celebrities Fangirled Over Meeting Other Celebs

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During the 20th Annual SAG Awards this weekend, Jennifer Lawrence once again had a fangirl moment when she met Damian Lewis from Showtime's hit drama, Homeland. The Oscar-winning actress was being interview by Access Hollywood as Damian was chatting with another reporter on the same platform.

When the host offered to introduce the two, J-Law freaked out and even cried a little bit when the host accidentally spoiled the third season for her. One of the many things people love about the Hunger Games star is that she doesn't try to play it cool around other celebs — if she wants to freak out, she freaks out.

That certainly wouldn't be the first time a celeb fangirled over another star (Jen is guilty of this more than a few times). To see other stars freaking out over their famous peers, scroll below!

1. Jennifer Lawrence freaking out over Jeff Bridges.

During Comic-Con in 2013, the actress spotted the True Grit star across the way at a red carpet, and tried to muster up the strength to talk with him. At first, she just ran away.


However, she then was able to get it together, and not only greet him…


…but ask him a question as well!


2. Oprah Winfrey meeting 12 Years a Slave's Lupita NYong'o.

It probably takes a lot to get Oprah flustered, but the megastar was blown away by breakout star Lupita at the Critics' Choice Awards. Oprah Instagrammed this pic with the caption: "My favorite photo of the night at Broadcast Critics Award. Lupita N'Yongo.. #12yearsaslave" That's high praise, Lupita!


3. Selena Gomez Meeting Her Crush Shia LaBeouf

The "Come and Get It" singer has never been shy about admitting her crush on the Transformers star, and even got to meet him backstage at a late night talk show back in 2011. If you haven't seen the video, Selena goes into a dressing room thinking she's about to meet a fan, when Shia is the one who greets her. Then basically, she tries to run away. Way to play it cool, Selena!

4. Jennifer Lawrence's Meryl Streep Encounter

We'll just leave this here…


5. Lupita NYong'o's Golden Globes Fangirl Extravaganza

The breakout actress met TONS of celebs while attending the festivities earlier this month, and adorably documented the entire thing on Instagram. Some of the celebs she met (and snapped photos with) include Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington, Cate Blanchett, Lena Dunham, and many more. In fact, this is what Lupita had to say about meeting Leo: "#GoldenGlobes Checklist: meet #LeonardoDiCaprio and tell him how much I have loved his work since I was 14 – CHECK!"


6. Jennifer Lawrence and Jack Nicholson's Oscars Exchange

Who could forget this?

Jennifer-Lawrence-Shocked-to-see-Jack-Nicholson Jennifer-Lawrence-Jack-Nicholson-Oscars-girlfriend

7. Selena Gomez's Nerve-wracking Brad Pitt Encounter

During the MTV Movie Awards last year, Selena was backstage when she learned that Brad Pitt wanted to come meet her. So, she met him, they chatted, and when he left, she hid under a table for two minutes. LOL.

8. Jennifer Lawrence Meeting Lupita NYong'o

The photo really says it all. Fangirls UNITE!

jennifer lawrence lupita nyongo

9. Jennifer Lawrence Talks About Stalking John Stamos

She said she was following him around and was acting like a perverted guy.

10. Jennifer Lawrence's Damian Lewis Freak Out

You have to watch it for yourself to believe it.

How would YOU react if you met your fave celebrity? Sound off in the comments section!

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