These 10 Celebrities Totally Fangirled Over Millie Bobby Brown

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Like Millie Bobby Brown, we ALL fangirl over our favorite A-list celebrities. But, then again, unlike Millie, these celebs usually don’t even know we exist. The 14-year-old actress who brings Eleven to life on Netflix’s Stranger Things has definitely captivated the hearts of many and today we are counting down the 10 celebrities who totally love them some MBB:

Directly behind the Royal Family, the Kardashians are easily one of the most well-known families in the world. Like, we know almost everything there is to know about the krew — or so it seems. Millie whole-heartedly agrees with that statement, as seen during an interview with Jimmy Fallon, in which she admitted to loving the klan and even went on to imitate the fam’s famous “Okurrr” sound:

The love became mutual via Twitter when Millie and the girls took part in the sweetest Twitter exchanges, saying things like, “Honestly, all I want is for Kourtney K[ardashian] to shake my salad” to which Kourtney later went on to reply, “Let’s Shake it.” Guys, don’t be surprised if Millie somehow gets adopted by the Kardashians one day.

Speaking of adoption that actually might be off limits, Aaron Paul and his wife, Lauren, seem to be considering taking Millie under their wings as well. The Breaking Bad actor met Millie in late 2016 and, after a presumably fun dinner, Lauren took to Instagram posting an adorable family portrait writing, “It’s official,” adding the hashtags Milly Bobby PAUL, first family photo, happy holidays love the Pauls.” Oh how great it is to be loved!

Another celeb who’s shared their love for Millie on the ‘gram is Drizzy himself. Millie attended one of Drake‘s concerts in Australia last year, where the two had a “STRANGE” encounter! Champagne Papi posted a pic with Millie captioned, “Hawkins very own!” And if THAT wasn’t enough, Millie more recently posted a pic with Drake claiming he was her +1 at the Netflix Golden Globes after-party! Umm, what?!

Millie has also already achieved the dream of practically every girl in America: to, one day, be noticed by Zac Efron. The two had the sweetest encounter backstage at the MTV Movie & TV Awards to which Zac later took to Twitter to post a photo captioned, “Always fan boy out when 11’s around. Great to run into the #StrangerThings crew- even BETTER- handing @milliebbrown her trophy.” LIFE. MADE.

Another Millie fangirl moment happened between Millie and Emma Watson when the two also crossed paths at the 2017 MTV TV and Movie Awards. Oh, and Hugh Jackman was totally there for emotional support! Not only was the night special for the two ladies, who did not leave empty-handed, but the encounter was sure to seal the magic of the evening! All while Hugh Jackman got to witness the emotion-filled moment, too!

If you thought fangirl Instagram posts ended with Drake, THINK AGAIN! Lea Michele was another celeb to have an encounter with Millie and post it on the ‘gram. These ladies first met back in 2016 at a pre-Emmy event. Lea then went on to post and caption a picture of the two, saying, “this girl..@milliebobby_brown it was so lovely meeting you last night. You are the sweetest, smartest, most lovely young lady..” 

And the girl power doesn’t stop there! Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell met Millie during a Neflix event that took place last year, where the two posed together for a photo, which Shay posted to her Instagram account. The photo she posted also included a sweet caption that read, “Highlight of the evening… meeting this one!”

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Ariana Grande is also one of Millie’s biggest fans and supporters! Millie admitted to sending Ariana a picture of her Golden Globes outfit and getting the perfect BFF response! Millie shared her text convo to her Instagram Stories, which Ariana was in full approval mode, writing back, “Unbelievable. Wow. So fly. And like yes to the black. And like. Yes. Proud. Gorgeous. Stunning. Bye.” That seems like a seal of approval to us!

And lest we not forget about the man, the myth, the legend, who introduced us to Millie’s mind-blowing rapping skills:

Jimmy Fallon clearly loves Millie after multiple invitations to the show, resulting in multiple RAP performances by the Stranger Things QUEEN, and something tells us that won’t be the last we’ll hear of her.

And finally, another talk-show host who was definitely blown away by Millie was Ellen DeGeneres! Okay, so technically Ellen pretty much loves everyone, but after her first interview with Millie, we knew she was hooked!

WOW, Millie is absolutely living the dream!