10 Celebrities Who Absolutely FREAKED Out When They Met Beyoncé

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Looks like meeting Queen B is NOT for the faint of heart. Now, we all love Beyoncé and we’re sure any one of us would FLIP the EFF out if we ever had the opportunity to meet her — and it looks like celebs are no exception. Yes, there are quite a few famous faces who have met the legendary artist, and their reactions were nothing short of wild. So, today, we are bringing you 10 stars who freaked out when meeting Beyoncé right here:

It’s crazy enough to meet Bey and get to chat with her, but when Yonce knows who you are, compliments your talents AND offers to take a selfie with you, then nothing else in this world really matters! In an interview with Vulture, comedienne Tiffany Haddish explained how she had this exact reaction. The Girls Trip actress went on to describe how she almost got into a fight at a party, but Beyoncé managed to calm her down. She said:

“She was like, ‘No, have fun, Tiffany,’ and I said, ‘I’m only going to have fun if you take a selfie with me.'”

Tiffany sure knew how to play her cards right!

The second celeb to freak out over meeting Bey is Chrissy Teigen. You would think someone who’s around celebs pretty much every day would be chill… but all chill went out the window for Bey! According to Chrissy, while at the 2018 Grammys, she wanted to speak to Beyoncé, but didn’t quite know how:

Don’t worry, Chrissy — we would probably lose a couple brain cells at the sight of Bey too!

The supermodel doesn’t have much to be ashamed of, though, as we hear Zendaya was equally as dorky the first time she was around the legendary performer. In an interview with Clevver(!), Zendaya described how she couldn’t even look at her in the eyes:

She then told us she made up for it moments later by making sure she was “extra” cool! Good call, Z!

And yet ANOTHER celeb who met Bey and freaked out was the beautiful SZA! We know SZA for being such a sweetheart herself, so when she described how mesmerizing her first time meeting Queen Bey was, we almost felt like we were there! Though she says she can’t really remember anything, she clearly remembers what Beyoncé “felt” like:

Interesting is an understatement! We bet it was amazing!!!

The next celeb on our list was actually part of a Beyoncé sneak attack, and we’re talking about… Chance the Rapper. Though Chance and TT — as he likes to call her — are now well acquainted, there was a time where even he fangirled over her! That’s right this all went down during a backstage interview at the 2016 VMAs. Yonce thought it would be cool to photobomb Chance and, let’s just say, his reaction when he found out who had just touched him was PRICELESS!

Yup, looks pretty accurate.

Now, what is there NOT to love about Cardi B, right?? Guess that’s easy to say when you’re a regular, shmegular fan… but, according to an interview Cardi did with the Associated Press, she could not BELIEVE Beyoncé liked her! The two had their first meet at the 2017 Made in America festival where Cardi not only got to meet Bey, but Mama Tina said hi, too! The meetup, of course, was followed with many pictures and Snapchat posts! Because, well, if you don’t take a picture, then did it really even happen?

Another two stars who were SHOCKED to find out Bey knew who they were: Snooki and JWoww! The Jersey Shore girls said they first met Beyoncé with the whole crew at an awards show carpet. In an interview with E!, they recall Bey asking security to let her get to them, then greeting each Jersey Shore member with a kiss on the cheek!

Not washing your cheek for a week after Bey’s kissed it sounds about right…

Moving on, Issa Rae was another celeb who not only freaked out, but took to her Snap to rant about the very moment she encountered the queen. In a car filled with her friends, Issa blurted out to the camera:

“I met Beyoncé tonight… She said she was a fan. She called me beautiful, and I… what do you do after that?”

She tweeted about her experience, too:

Last, but not least, Channing Tatum is yet another celeb to have been blessed with the presence of the Queen and survived to tell it all! In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the Magic Mike star talked about his appearance on Lip Sync Battle. He claimed he wanted to get a celeb to do a surprise appearance, thought about Beyoncé, but knew his idea was far-fetched! To his surprise, while doing his “Run the World (Girls)” number, without any kind of warning, Queen Bey joined him on stage. Unfortunately, she was gone just as quickly as she was there!