10 Celebrities Who Trolled the Crap Out of People with their Fake Tattoos

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Some celebrities get matching tattoos with their best friends. Others prefer to permanently ink the faces of other stars on their bodies. And then there are those who go a step further and actually do the (illegal) tattooing themselves! But we have seemingly failed to talk about one unique category of celebrity tattoos, the one in which the ink is actually fake!

Yes, that’s right. While some stars like Harry Styles and Demi Lovato are clearly obsessed with their body art, others appreciate the idea of a tattoo, but just can’t seem to commit fully. And that’s where the good ol’ temporary tat come in. But don’t get it twisted — these aren’t the peel-off tattoos you got as a prize at Chuck E. Cheese’s when you were a kid; when a star decides to go ahead and get (fake) inked, they go hard and end up trolling the s*** out of everyone who eventually sees it.

Here are all the stars who blew fans’ minds with their fake tattoos: