8 Celebrities Who Fell Victim to a Fake Nude-Picture Leak

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Pop quiz: Can you name five female celebrities who haven’t been the victims of a completely f’ed up photo hack? Unfortunately, the answer is probably no Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Katy Perry have all dealt with it — it’s like nobody is safe from pervy creeps. The pictures range from kinda flirty to full-on pornographic, but the exposure is humiliating and heartbreaking whether the pics are PG-13 or rated X. While some stars have fought back with legal action, others had no choice but to accept the total invasion of privacy and move on. (Hopefully with a stronger iCloud password!)

Although many nude photo leaks are (unfortunately) legit, sometimes celebs have an even weirder issue: Dealing with scandalous photos starring dopplegangers! Lookalike pics are both a blessing and a curse — on one hand, the star is off the hook On the other, it still looks like he or she has naked images floating around on the Internet! Take a look at these stars who had to defend themselves against fake nudes: