15 Female Celebrities Who Got Engaged… on Their Birthday!

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celebrity engagements on birthday


Everyone can admit that their birthday is one of their favorite holidays of the year, right? It’s so nice to have a reason for all your friends to get together and getting all dolled up and receiving presents definitely isn’t the worst thing in the world. The day is made even sweeter when you have a special someone to share the day with… but can imagine your S.O. getting down on one knee and popping the big question, too?! #GOALS

For some celebs, that situation is actually a reality. Yes, 2017 brought us more celebrity heartbreak than we could handle, but we’re choosing to focus on happier times of the past years rather than dwell on the sadness. We’ve rounded up all of the female stars who got a double-dose of surprise during their birthday celebrations. From simple proposals to renting out an entire baseball stadium, these boyfriends definitely knew how to put a ring on it with a bang!