7 Celebrity Couples That Put a Ring on it at the Wonderful World of Disney

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Celebrities are known to do things big. From how they dress to what they do, they never fail to send the media into a fun frenzy. The same can surely be said for their relationships — especially how and where they get engaged and then say “I do.”

What celebrities are dating this week? It’s not an improper question. The fast-paced world of the industry has on-screen romance turning into real-life affairs all the time. But as soon as we get comfortable with saying the joint name (Bennifer anyone?) of the couple at hand, they’re making news for their tumultuous breakup.

This cliche rollercoaster that is the dating world of celebrities doesn’t stop them from getting engaged and then hitched within months of making it official! Surely, there are those that keep it on the down-low for as long as they can, then wed and stay together for longer than industry standards. But there’s one thing that the timeless and the flavor of the year couples have in common: their zest for making engagements and marriages meaningful. For the following list, that just so happens to mean “The Happiest Place on Earth” (a.k.a. Disney):


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