13 Pairs of Celebrities Who Ended Their Feud on Stage

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If you’re anything like us, you live for all the A-list drama. If it’s happening in Hollywood, you want to know alllll about it! Which is why it sucks that some celebs stay secretive AF when it comes to their lives behind the scenes. They’ll shower you with selfies on social media and tweet all about the cute things their dogs do, but we need more than that. Especially when there are rumors going around that they’re fighting with a friend, cheating on their significant other, or are secretly pregnant!

The curiosity is usually killer, which is why we jump on any morsel we can get — even if it isn’t a confirmation. Kylie Jenner bought a crib? Perfect. We’ll take it. So you can see why we get MEGA excited when our fave feuding celebrities just come right out with their drama. From scrolling through their pointed subtweets to reading all the deets online, we eat that ish UP.

That’s why we want to give a special shoutout to these celebrity pairs for deciding they would end their fights in front of us. They took to the stage to air everything out, which takes a lot of nerve. We’re here to say we appreciate them. Otherwise, how would we ever have known these stars chose to forgive and forget?