5 Celebs Who Have Super Embarrassing Parents

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They say that money can’t buy you happiness, but I personally don’t believe that since money can buy you peanut-butter-filled pretzels, and that’s basically the same thing. But what money — and especially fame — really can’t guarantee? Non-embarrassing parents! Even if they own the fastest private jet known to man, these five celebrities can’t quite outrun their own WTF family!

RiRi herself tweeted about her mom’s not-so-LOL jokes about Ashton Kutcher at the recent Time Warner gala. Rihanna nearly lost her mind on a reporter who dared ask about her supposed hook up with AK, but mom took full advantage of blood being thicker than water and teased Rihanna all night about her latest fling! Looks like someone won’t be getting a bouquet of roses come Mother’s Day…


David Archuleta
This poor kid. He works his little tail-feathers off to win (uh, come in second place) on American Idol only to have his road to stardom hampered by his own father! First Daddy Archuleta acted like such an aggressive lunatic during the competition that AI producers banned him from going backstage to coach his son, then the guy was picked up for soliciting a prostitute. Let’s hope “like father, like son” doesn’t always hold true!


Miley CyrusNo one wants to think about their parents having sex. Gross. But it’s even worse to think of them cheating on your dad… with a dude with hair extensions. But Miley Cyrus had to picture just that when news broke that her mom Tish had an affair with Bret Michaels. Way to slay the dragon of good taste, Tish.


Lourdes Leon
a’s daughter is trying to carve out her own identity as a fashion and beauty guru, but her 52-year-old mom is constantly trying to upstage her. At this year’s Oscar after party, Lola was overheard cringing with embarrassment over her mom’s butt-baring outfit and raunchy dance moves and saying, “Mom, do you have to? But you tell me to behave like a grown-up!” Madge, we know you used to be hot once upon a time. Put it away.


Kendall & Kylie Jenner
No list of nutso parents would be complete without the Grand High Momager, Kris Jenner. It’s bad enough that KJ injects herself into everything her daughters do, but when she’s on Keeping Up With the Kardashians giving Bruce boner pills and taking sexy pictures, she really does take parental humiliation to a whole new level. Khlo, Kourt and Kimmy are grown up enough to (maybe) see their mom as a peer, but poor Kendall and Kylie must want to die. Wouldn’t you?


Which of these celebrity parents would you least want to be your own? Have I missed any other incredibly mortifying moms and dads?

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