6 Celebrities Who Ed Sheeran Has Totally Dissed and Dismissed

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considering how sweet and romantic his songs are, it’s hard for people to even imagine that Ed Sheeran could ever diss anyone, let alone his celebrity peers. However, there have been quite a few occasions where Ed has felt the need to throw some shade at another celeb, and since he’s one of the most popular dudes in the music industry, it never takes too long for us to find out.

Of course, Ed’s a super busy guy. For example, right now he’s in the middle of his Divide World Tour! And while he typically seems like a super nice person, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t dissed anyone before. We mean, we’re all human… right? Off the top of our heads, we can think of six celebs that Ed’s possibly insulted. Don’t believe us? Click through the gallery for more info!