Yikes! Celebs Who’ve Been Dumped By Text Message

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Technology may bring greater connections, but what about when you want to disconnect from that certain flame? That’s right — a break-up goes down, and sometimes, when it’s via text message, it isn’t pretty! So we’re pretty shocked that anyone would have the nerve to dump…

Zayn Malik
Zayn is currently with his GF Perrie Edwards (wah), but he wasn’t always so lucky in love! This hottie admit that he once got dumped by text message by his former leading lady. We’re thinking she wishes her One Direction had been the other way now!


Taylor Swift
After being dumped by Joe Jonas in an infamously terse 27-second-long voicemail (just as bad as a text, right?), Swifty certainly got her end of karma! Not only did she sing about the message in her Saturday Night Live opening monologue, but also by taking on Joe’s girlfriend at the time, Camilla Belle, by writing about her in the song “Better Than Revenge”!



Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan and DJ gal pal Samantha Ronson were making sweet music together until 2009, when things turned sour between the two. After exchanging heated texts, Lindsay went onto Twitter to officially spell out the end of the couple. Luckily, they reconciled a short time later, but it t’was not to last.


Justin Bieber
This one floats on a technicality, but rumor has it that after Justin was caught sending text messages to his ex, Jasmine Villegas, that Selena Gomez ended things there! Of course it was impossible to keep these two lovebirds from reconciling, so remember: It’s possible to get dumped by texts and for texts.


Carrie Underwood
Ouch, Chace Crawford! We think you’d have treated country’s golden girl with a little more her due than to end it all with a quick text message. Apparently the breakup was so underdone that Carrie was more than willing to call Chace out to the media about it!


Jessica Simpson
After her man Adam Levine went MIA, Jessica Simpson did what any girlfriend would do — ask for answers. But she didn’t like the response she got — a quick “Really busy. Need space” text message back! Well Jess, we think with your new fiancé and baby that you’re happier now, but geesh, Adam, you didn’t have to go and do her a favor like that.


Which of these celeb breakups was the harshest? And would you dump anyone that way?

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