5 Celebs Who Look Hot as Nerds

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There are def some people who can’t pull off the whole high-water pants, suspenders, and black-rimmed glasses get-up without looking completely ridic. Okay, so most people can’t. But leave it to these celebs to make nerdiness totally hot. They’d get an A+ in our book any day!

When Justin Bieber dressed up as a nerd last Halloween (sweater vest and all!), we were first in line to be his study buddy.


We’ll never forget Taylor Swift rocking out with her nerdy glasses and hairbrush microphone in her “You Belong With Me” music video — and she still got the adorbs guy in the end, geeked-out and all!


Hunky Glee heartthrob Mark Salling isn’t afraid to let go of his bad boy rep to put on his geeky frames. (So much for beating up nerds now, Puck!)

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Kim Kardashian might be able to rock a pair of nerdy glasses (and look totally fab doing it!), but she’s not fooling anyone — we know the geeky look is all show!


Okay, so Josh HutchersonVictoria Justice and Avan Jorgia look like “Super Nerds” with their taped black frames, but we’re totes diggin’ it.


What celebs do you think look hot as nerds? Who’d we miss?

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