15 Celebrities Who Have a Bad Reputation for Being Horrible Tippers

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When it comes to celebrities, we don’t always believe everything we hear — and you shouldn’t either! Sometimes a rumor is just a rumor or an anonymous source isn’t really a source at all. So when we catch wind of stories of celebs who were rude to crew on set or have been cheating on their significant others, we take that info with a grain of salt. But when multiple people are out there complaining about how horribly A-listers treat staff at restaurants, we start listening up. Not everyone can be lying, right?

And that’s the case with these celebrities who suck at tipping. They’ve all received a bad rep as being some of the worst in Hollywood when it comes to leaving a gratuity, even though we all know that they can afford to tip above and beyond. So disappointing… We just hope that all 15 of them learned from their mistakes after they were called out. It’s never too late to start being generous!