7 Celebrities Who’ve Seriously Dissed TF Out of Zac Efron

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We don’t know about you, but ever since Zac Efron graced our screens as Troy Bolton in High School Musical, we’ve had a BIG crush on him. But, just because Zac quickly became one of our favorite actors, that doesn’t mean other celebs shared the same feelings towards him. In fact, there are some celebrities who actually have beef with the Greatest Showman actor, and a few have even called him out publicly.

From our perspective, it seems like Zac is an extremely likable guy, but over the years he’s been criticized by some of his peers for his hair, his general looks and even his kissing ability! In Zac’s defense, we don’t think he deserved half of the shade he’s received over the course of his career, but sometimes things are said that simply can’t be taken back. Ready for all of the stars who’ve dissed and dismissed Zac Efron? Take a look: