6 Celebrities Who’ve Managed to Completely Insult Liam Payne

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A lot has changed throughout Liam Payne‘s life since he rose to fame as a member of One Direction. But seeing as he’s a superstar now, it should come as no surprise that he’s received a lot of backlash for, well, growing up. And although the fans have supported him through thick and thin, there have surprisingly been a number of celebrities who’ve thrown shade his way for a variety of different reasons.

Whether it was because of his relationship, his solo career, or even his appearance, some well-known stars haven’t held back when it came to savagely dissing the 24-year-old. And while we’ll never know for sure if he deserved all the flack he’s gotten, what we do know is that we absolutely live for the drama. Ready to check out which celebrities came for the “Strip That Down” singer? We’ve got ’em all right here: