14 Celebrities Who Threw MAJOR Shade Katy Perry’s Way

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For an entire decade now, Katy Perry has been blessing our ears with radio BOPS. But even though we still can’t seem to stop ourselves from singing along whenever “California Gurls” comes on, that doesn’t mean that Katy hasn’t been at the center of several celebrity feuds since the start of her career.

Of course, the first one that probably comes to your mind is the “Swish Swish” singer’s infamous feud with Taylor Swift, but Taylor’s not the only celeb that’s thrown shade Katy’s way. Many celebs have come for Katy for not writing her own songs, for being unoriginal, and for even being a bully! Say whaaat?!

That’s right, y’all! Katy’s been the recipient of many insults over the years, but to fair, she’s thrown a lot of shade, too. For now, though, let’s take a look back at all of the celebrities who’ve savagely dissed her. Shall we?