11 Stars Who Were Dissed Then Dismissed by Taylor Swift

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Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Remember when Katy and Taylor were really close? Those were the days! Sadly there is now a LOT of bad blood between them (pun intended). After Katy started dating Tay's ex John Mayer and she reportedly stole Taylor's tour dancers it was clear that Taylor's song "Bad Blood" was a serious burn about Katy.

Taylor told the press that specific song was about a rivalry with a fellow female singer, who was unnamed. It became more clear that the negative words were all about Katy Purry after their friendship turned sour and Taylor revealed that she was always questioning if they were friends after they would run into one another. Poaching some of Katy's friends for the song's video just added to the already epic diss for the "Dark Horse" singer.

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