11 Stars Who Were Dissed Then Dismissed by Taylor Swift

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Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift is a powerhouse singer that should definitely be recognized for her success. She’s only 25 years old and she’s already received seven Grammys and sold over 40 million albums. She has a ridiculously cool posse and, let’s be honest, if you could date any of her exes, you would definitely do it, no questions asked. So, why is she constantly being attacked by all the haters? We have no clue!

Seriously, T.Swift has taken her fair share of ridicule throughout her career, so it’s no surprise that she’s also thrown a little shade at her fellow stars along the way. If you wrong her, she is the first person to call you out. If she’s really pissed, she usually throws down in a song, which inevitably becomes your favorite song to belt out during a karaoke sesh. So, who exactly has Swifty dissed? We’ve got the ultimate list: