16 A-List Celebrities Rihanna Didn’t Give an Eff About Dissing

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Whether it’s in her lyrics or on her social media accounts, Rihanna always tells it like it is. She throws shade right and left and doesn’t really get a lot of flack for it. That’s because most of the time she’s kind of right. Either that, or she’s just sticking up for herself. As much as she disses other celebs, she’s usually not the one to start the battles — but she is the one to end them!

So why are so many A-listers on her case? Could be a bunch of reasons, but we’re thinking jealousy… The 30-year-old is killing it, after all. Who wouldn’t want a career like hers? She’s got her very own — and very successful — makeup brand Fenty Beauty, not to mention hit single after hit single and some movie roles under her belt. And even when she steps out and has a wardrobe malfunction, she’s just one of those celebs that can make any fashion fail look flawless.

Like we said, another thing she’s good at is throwing serious shade. You’ll never believe the things she’s dared to say about other actors and musicians!