6 People Who Were Dissed by “Bodak Yellow” Rapper Cardi B

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It’s pretty crazy to think about how we have only known Cardi B since June 2017 when “Bodak Yellow” was released. From the moment we heard the first lyric we knew that the 25-year-old was going catapult into success and — SURPRISE!! — we were right! Cardi just released her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, yesterday and it’s already killing it on the charts. See what we’re saying about her being successful?

It seems like she is in a different state playing a new show every week and her care-free attitude is just as famous as her songs. We love how outgoing and fun Cardi B is during interviews, but sometimes she rubs people the wrong way. There have been a ton of A-listers who have had the nerve to speak out against the acclaimed rapper, but she also has her own list of people who have wronged her. We know that she doesn’t care about what people think of her, but CB has some serious guts for calling these people out.