8 Celebrities Who’ve Dared to Diss the Members of BTS

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If you haven’t heard of the K-Pop band BTS, then you’ve really been living under a rock — or maybe you just need a Twitter account. These seven members were actually the most tweeted about celebrities in 2017, topping household names like Justin Bieber and Donald Trump. Whether you first heard about them after they performed at the American Music Awards or you’ve been following their co-written and produced music since way back in 2013, they’re impossible to ignore at this point.

It’s safe to say these guys have made it, even getting support from A-listers like Ansel Elgort and Shawn Mendes. But that being said, they can’t make everyone happy! It could be jealousy or it could be genuine dislike, but we know one thing for sure about the celebs throwing shade at them — they don’t stan BTS like we do.