8 Celebrities We’ve Seen Demi Lovato Kiss Throughout Her Career

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Celebs Caught Kissing Demi Lovato

Disney Channel

From her days on Disney Channel to her most recent Tell Me You Love Me album, we’ve been fans of Demi Lovato for what feels like forever. And, since we’ve stuck by her side for all these years, we’ve watched her grow both professionally and personally, in work and relationships.

As we all know, Demi has been in several high-profile romances throughout her career, including one with Joe Jonas, one with Luke Rockhold and, of course, the six-year relaysh she had with actor Wilmer Valderrama.

Despite the fact that she’s been in several committed relationships throughout the course of her career, you may be surprised to know that she’s smooched on a variety of different celebs out in the open. That’s right! Ready to find out who the 25-year-old has kissed in public? Check it out: