6 Gorgeous Celebrities Who Found Love with Nerdy Moguls

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It’s the classic boy-meets-girl love story, in which the hero ends up being the boy in the back that no one sees. He might be the nerd or the nice guy; his plain clothes and crooked glasses likely get him pushed around; he’s always in the shadow of the handsome jock who swoops a girl up with one arm. BUT, as the story goes, it’s the jock who flails with his bad grades and bad attitude, and ultimately the nerdy/nice guy who ends up being way more cute than you thought, wins with his soothing demeanor and lofty goals.

In real life, people may have never guessed that the CEO of Snapchat would marry one of the most famous supermodels of all time, or that the owner of a comedy brand would land a stunning actress… but they did! And here’s the proof: