6 Celebrities Who’ve Done AMAZING Covers of Their Parents’ Songs

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Although music is continuously evolving over time, it’s always super important to remember that tunes from years influence what we hear on the radio now TREMENDOUSLY. In fact, many of today’s popular musicians have decided to pay homage to older music by performing covers of old songs. And let’s be real… even though we always appreciate the original versions, there’s something refreshing about hearing a new artist take on an existing song and make it their own.

Think about Sam Smith, for example, who released a beautiful cover of “How Will I know” by Whitney Houston just about four years ago. The song, which has a really fun and upbeat vibe in the original version, was completely flipped upside down when the British crooner turned it into a heartbreaking ballad about unrequited love.

SS isn’t the only current pop icon to have covered a legendary song from decades past, though. If you remember what Miley Cyrus was doing back in 2012 (no, not swinging from wrecking balls), she was pretty invested in her “backyard sessions,” where she would do country and bluegrass covers of some of her favorite classics. One of MiCy’s most popular throwbacks was “Jolene,” originally by her godmother, Dolly Parton. Not only did Miley introduce the song to a generation of fans who wouldn’t have known it otherwise, but she also got to sing a song that was by someone she considers family.

And speaking of family, the Internet was set on fire recently when video surfaced of Paris Jackson performing a duet with her cousin, Austin Brown. Although the song they sang didn’t belong to Michael Jackson, people thought she sounded a lot like her father, making all of us hopeful for a cover of one of her dad’s tunes in the future.

Even though Paris didn’t cover one of Michael’s songs, there are tons of musicians who actually did perform their parents’ music! Don’t believe us? Check out these six celebrities who’ve done INCREDIBLE covers of songs originally made famous by their ‘rents.