6 Stars Who Shockingly Commented on Their Ex’s Instagram Pictures

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It could be any random day that you’re scrolling through Instagram when you see something suspicious and almost unbelievable pop up in your feed. Could it be? You check again only to find that it’s true: your favorite celebrity commented on their ex’s latest photo. At first, it’s like you’re somehow in on the ultimate secret, but minutes later other fans just like you are flooding the comments, confused why this former flame would play with fire like this, reigniting tabloid rumors that the two are on speaking terms once again.

Surprisingly, it happens more often than you’d think! And while it’s true that sometimes a celeb could just be checking in to tell their ex they look great and to wish them well, other times the comment is not so friendly at all. Regardless of whatever the situation may be, check out these six celebs that have totally slid into the comments of their ex’s Insta. AWKWARDDD!