13 Inspiring Celebrities Who Bravely Came Out in the Past Year

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We’ll admit it. Sometimes we expect a little too much from our fave Hollywood stars. Even though we don’t love people nosing their way into our private business, we just want more, more, MORE from our favorite celebrities. And who could blame us? They lead such interesting lives that it often feels like they might as well be asking us to dig a little deeper. Who could be satisfied going through their day without knowing who Taylor Swift is adding to her list of boyfriends and what crazy outfit Bella Thorne has decided to add to her wardrobe?

But not everything needs to be in the limelight all the time, especially when it comes to a celeb’s sexuality or gender identity. Sometimes even they aren’t clear about how to define themselves, which makes it so cringey when they’re outed by other people. We’ve seen it happen by accident and absolutely on purpose by the paparazzi, and it sucks every single time. A moment that personal should be dealt with in someon’s own time, on their own terms.

Lately, there’s been a little less of this as a lot of stars come out by choice. Social media usually makes for the perfect face for them to be honest with fans, which is why we’ve seen so many people come out on YouTube, too. Some celebs just don’t consider the reveal to be a big deal, others can’t stand feeling dishonest towards their fans, and more just want to use their platform to inspire those who are struggling to be comfortable with themselves.

But no matter how or why they choose to do so, coming out is an awesome moment, so we couldn’t let 2017 go by without acknowledging all the announcements that happened in the last 12 months. So take a look at Hollywood’s newest public LGBTQ+ community members because they’re out, proud, and speaking out!