8 Celebrities Closer in Age to Their Stepchildren Than Their Spouse

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Love knows no number — right? One look at all the couples lining red carpet events in Hollywood and you might start believing this is true. When Alec Baldwin married NYC yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas in 2012, the two had more than a quarter of a century between them. But that didn’t stop them from having three kids together. And age hasn’t done anything to keep 30-year-old actress AnnaLynne McCord from her longtime boyfriend, 47-year-old Dominic Purcell.

The thought of these age gaps might make some of us cringe, but can we really be blamed for that? It’s a little strange to think that Hilaria was just a toddler when Alec was making his film debut as a grown man. Okay, maybe more than a little strange, especially when you realize his daughter Ireland Baldwin was born only about a decade after her stepmom.

But as much as we’d like not to think about these things, it’s becoming more and more common. Ashley Olsen just broke up with a financier this year who was almost double her age, and we can’t forget about Scott Disick’s current shocking relationship with teenager Sofia Richie.

An age gap that massive might scare dad Lionel Richie to death, according to his interview with Us Weekly, but his daughter wouldn’t be the first A-list star to date up. In fact, she wouldn’t even be the first youngster to end up with stechildren closer to her in age than her partner! Surprised? We were too when we tried rounding up all of the celebs who have been in this situation. Spoiler alert: It’s more than you’d think!

If all of this is grossing you the eff out and you’d rather not know, don’t worry. 2017 has given us plenty of age-appropriate celebrity couples to obsess over instead.