7 Female Celebrities Who Rocked Clear Oversized Glasses in 2017

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We’re somehow already only three months away from 2018, and we honestly don’t know how 2017 went by so fast. We feel like we were just trying to figure out what trends were gonna be the best of the year and which ones we were going to have to avoid. We do want to say that we were pretty spot-on about which weird fashions held on for a little too long, though.

We may already be in the back-end of the year, but that hasn’t stopped new trends from emerging. Everyone is still obsessed with chokers and it doesn’t look like crop tops are going away anytime soon. But right now there are TONS of celebs wearing a diffrent kind of accessory — clear-rimmed glasses!

Yes, we know that wearing see-through specs isn’t exactly groundbreaking or even that new, TBH, but these for some reason the trend absolutely exploded in the past several months, with many big-name stars jumping on it.

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland has probably been rocking this look the most throughout the year, and even got into some drama with one of her ex-boyfriend’s co-stars because of it. Thankfully, Dom Sherwood came to the 26-year-old’s defense and it seems that it was all just a huge misunderstanding.

Although Sarah may have thought that Alisha Wainwright was copying her look, there are so many other celebs that have been putting their own spin on the glasses trend. We love seeing how everyone wears a trend differently to really show off their personal style, which can be hard to do when you’re wearing something as simple as spectacles.

We rounded up all of our favorite female stars who have shown off their love for their trend in the past year. If you need us, we’ll be online shopping for the perfect pair of glasses!