9 Celebrities Who Allegedly Cheated on Their S.O. — with the Nanny!

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Hollywood has seen its fair share of cheating scandals throughout the years and while these kinds of things hardly shock us anymore, we can’t lie… it’s still super disappointing. Right about now, a bunch of cheating scandals from years past are probably floating through your head, including Kristen Stewart‘s affair with Rupert Sanders while he was married and she was dating Robert Pattinson, and that moment back in 2009 when Tiger Woods was exposed as a serial cheater. YIKES.

Although cheating scandals are hardly ever shocking, it’s still heartbreaking to watch some of the most promising-looking couples split because one of them decided to be unfaithful. Even more unfortunate, though, is that these kinds of things sometimes happen right under their significant others’ nose. That’s right! More than a handful of times, celebrities actually cheated with the nanny, and once the news got out, people were LIVID. So, who’s guilty of cheating with the nanny? Look no further because we’ve got ’em all right here: