9 of Your Favorite Celebrities Who Were Caught Skinny Dipping in Public

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August has been quite an ~interesting~ month in the world of celebrities. In addition to Bella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin breaking up and Selena Gomez savagely destroying her ex on Instagram, Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber both broke the Internet when they were photographed skinny dipping on two separate occasions. Considering their past, we have a hard time believing that this was just a coincidence…

But even before JB and Orly dropped their pants and went into the water, celebrities have enjoyed swimming naked in public, even with the potential for pesky paparazzi to catch them in their birthday suits. While this invasion of privacy is something so normal that famous men and women deal with, it definitely doesn’t make it okay by any means. Here are all the stars who were photographed chillin’ in the water without any clothes on: