16 Celebrities You’d Never Guess Are BFFs with Pro Athletes

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No one said that A-listers are only allowed to hang out with each other. But even though some Hollywood hotties usually stick to the industry’s dating pool or are close with all of their co-stars, that isn’t always the case. In fact, plenty of celebs have non-famous pals that they’ve held onto since childhood, and some have the unlikeliest of friendships — with members of the royal family, for example.

But if you thought that was odd, get a load of this! Even though it’s safe to say that celebrities and professional athletes don’t run in the same circles, you’d be shocked by how many of them have formed close bonds. And the more we think about it, the more sense it makes. Just like athletes have to practice hard AF to make sure they’re at the top of their game, musicians and actors also work at their craft — and often have to perform in front of live audiences.

Clearly, athletes and A-listers can relate in a lot of ways. Maybe that’s why so many NBA stars have been linked to our Hollywood faves! But who else has gotten buddy-buddy over the years? Keep reading