7 Gorgeous Ladies Who Did the Same Disgusting Thing on Stage

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We’re just going to say it — high heels suck! Yes, they look amazing, but they dig, poke and constrict your feet so hard you literally count down the seconds until you can go home and take them off. And while female celebrities basically wear stilettos every time they’re in public, guess what? They hate ’em, too! Stars, they’re just like us.

Just like the ladies who couldn’t even wait to get off the red carpet before removing their heels, some stars simply cannot perform (even in front of millions) in their uncomfortable shoes. Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift are just three singers who’ve kicked those bad boys off on stage and actually rocked out with their feet completely exposed. Kinda gross? Yes; you don’t know WTF’s been on that stage!! But also kinda awesome? Absolutely.