Grab Your Joystick! If Celebs Lives Were Video Games

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I can get obsessed when playing video games, I fully admit it. Once I get started, I’m in. I want to get better; I want to figure out all the short cuts… pretty much, I just want to win! It can be Wii Sports, or Just Dance, and don’t even get me started on Angry Birds. The competitor in me takes over and the game becomes my life, even if it is just for an hour, or who am I kidding, an entire afternoon. If video games did represent our lives, what game do you think you’d be?

Check out what game some of our fave celebs would be if their life was a video game.

Kim Kardashian / The Sims
Her whole world is completely fabricated, eating, shopping, working out, vacations. In her life even spontaneity must be scheduled.

Jennifer Lopez / Bejeweled
It’s no secret that Jenny from the block loves her bling. Three diamonds in a row and you get to star in her next music video!

Rooney Mara  / Angry Birds
We know her character in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was angry (and she had good reason!!) but would it kill Rooney to smile on the red carpet. Who does she think she is,  K.Stew?!

The Jonas Bros / Super Mario Bros.
It’s really all about brothers who help each other to win prizes and the love of a good woman. We’ve been watching these boys do that for years.

Lindsay Lohan / Grand Theft Auto
The only purpose of this game is for the player to be free to do whatever they want, causing death and destruction in city traffic with no consequence. I think Lindsay might have taken this one too literally.

Lea Michele / Tetris
Type A personality on and off screen, one wrong move, one block out of place and the whole thing can come crumbling down.

Liam Hemsworth / The Legend of Zelda
Did you see the clip of his Punk’d episode? Liam literally comes to the rescue of Princess Miley from two naked strangers. Even if it is fake, totally still heroic.

Katy Perry / Ms. Pacman
She loves the flashing lights, the colors, the food surprises — and no one looks better in a big hair bow.

Britney Spears / Just Dance
We love Brit Brit and think she’s a great performer, but let’s all say it out loud, singing while dancing was never her thing. But I’m still  mesmerized by her choreography. Show me “Me (Against the Music)” any day.

Jessica Simpson / Word with Friends
We all know words don’t come easy to her, well… words do, just not the right ones. Chicken? Tuna? Still not letting it go.

Can you see any of these stars in video games? What’s your fave game? Share below!

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