6 Celebrities Who Almost Got Fired from Their TV Series

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Celebrity life doesn’t look too hard from over here on the bleachers. Heck, actors get paid a whole lot of money just to pretend they’re someone else for a few hours a day, right? Wrong. As fans, we tend to forget that acting is a real job, even if it does come with some cool perks, like kissing cute people and being rich AF. And just like any other job, sometimes the hardest part is keeping it.

Some stars choose to walk away from a television hit for various reasons, including to pursue other opportunities, problems with the cast, etc. Others, however, don’t have much of a choice. The following is a list of celebrity actors who (almost) got fired from their respective TV series, but were able to hold onto their roles just tightly enough to survive the storm. And thank goodness they did, because they turned out to be some of our favorite characters in the end.