8 Celebrities Who Called Out Taylor Swift for NOT Talking About Politics

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To say that Taylor Swift is EVERYWHERE lately would be a huge understatement. After being almost completely silent for a whole year after Kim Kardashian West exposed her for knowing all about Kanye West‘s song, “Famous,” she has finally reemerged and is ready for the world to see her in a brand new way.

Taylor deleted all presence on social media and then slowly began to post cryptic messages and quickly regained the snake symbol when she made it an important part to her comeback. Although her new music has definitely given us way too much to think about over the past few months, we can’t help but think about Taylor’s past and her history with the media creating her reputation.

We all know that ever since the inception of Taylor Swift’s squad it has been riddled with controversy. Not only did Taylor reference it in her “Look What You Made Me Do” music video but it also spurred the creation of the phrase Taylor Swift feminism.

The idea that Taylor has her own version of feminism is problematic in and of itself, but what it resulted in is far worse. Taylor was accused of constantly playing the victim card and saying that she was against pitting women against each other while doing the exact thing she was against. Who could forget when she called Nicki Minaj out and then was served her own cup of tea to sip?

Nicki wasn’t the only one to correct Taylor on her thoughts; there are actually tons of celebrities who disagree with Taylor and her somewhat political views. But the accusations don’t stop there. Last year, we saw more celebrities become vocal about the presidential campaign than ever before. Every day we saw a different celeb post information about the importance of voting or spreading resourceful and knowledgeable information about the candidates. While Katy Perry stuck out as being one of the most vocal campaigners for Hillary Clinton, people couldn’t help but notice how uncharacteristically quiet Taylor was being.

Fans and celebrities alike quickly began to wonder why the megastar was keeping mum on her political view points, and many guessed that she is actually a secret supporter of President Donald Trump. While it’s important to recognize that Taylor doesn’t owe anyone an explanation on her political beliefs, it’s just as important to realize how important it was for people with a platform and a voice to use it during the historic election.

We rounded up some of the biggest celebs who called Taylor out for not being more vocal during the 2016 Presidential Campaign and have wondered where her allegiance lies: