8 Big-Name Celebrities Who Were Accused of ‘Gay-Baiting’ the World

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As our society becomes more progressive and inclusive (for the most part), we start to see people becoming more open about their sexual orientation and strong communities forming around those individuals. While this open-mindedness is typically a good thing, an unfortunate consequence is that sometimes people take advantage of the queer community and see their acceptance as a chance to make financial advances.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term gay-baiting (also called queerbaiting), it’s basically when a straight celebrity acts vaguely gay to appeal to the LGBTQ+ audience, without any intention of actually ever being with someone of the same sex. To simplify (read: oversimplify) this idea, people say it’s kind of like putting a piece of chocolate cake on a plate, but throwing it away as soon as someone sits down and picks up a fork.

Even in our contemporary world, gay youths are bullied, kicked out of their homes, discriminated against in public and even murdered, just for being who they are. While we assume it’s never been the intention of these celebrities to hurt or offend the queer community, these stars have been accused of taking advantage of members for their own personal gain.