6 Celebrities Who Accidentally Revealed Their Phone Numbers

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Safeguarding your privacy as a celebrity is about one million and a half times harder than it is for a normal person in this day and age. And, if you consider the fact that people stand on street corners every day to scream at passersby about ~Big Brother~ infiltrating their privacy, you begin to realize that, well, that’s a lot. Because, not only do millions of people actively search out the intimate details about celebrities, but there’s also the chance that they could accidentally just give it away to them.

Case in point: the sheer quantity of celebrities who’ve accidentally publicly revealed their phone numbers. We’ve got to assume that one these 6 fateful days, their phones were officially out of commission. Because, after you accidentally give away your phone number (like a beautifully-wrapped present) to hoards of people, your phone is bound to freeze one, two, or one hundred times.