18 Struggles Only Girls Who Went To Catholic School Will Understand

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Growing up holds certain special memories for everyone, but those who went to Catholic school for a large portion of their lives understand that their memories are probably different than most people’s. And let’s just say, these strugglesmemories will never be forgotten. For example…

1. You got used to having a borderline rash on some part of your body at all times. What are these uniforms even made out of, anyway?!

2. But you still pushed the boundaries of the dress code. A little nail polish or an untucked shirt never hurt anyone.

3. And you remember the moment when you got to transition from kilts to skirts. Sweet, sweet grown-up freedom.

4. You went to school with the same people for your entire elementary/middle school career. And there was probably only about 20 of of you.

5. This means you may or may not have dated a few of those classmates. Hey — your options were limited!

6. This made school dances very awkward. Even when you were leaving room for the Holy Spirit.

7. If someone did something wrong, the entire class jumped to their assistance before the nuns could see. Because the wrath of a nun isn’t something to joke about.

Hello Giggles

Hello Giggles

8. You cried when you didn’t get picked to play Mary in the Christmas play. The role was coveted, people!

9. And while your non-Catholic school friends were singing “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,” you were singing Bible hymns. You probably still remember the lyrics, too.

10. Preparing for dress down days was equivalent to preparing for prom. You never knew stress before you tried to pair a school-appropriate shirt with your new corduroys.

11. You couldn’t decide if you loved or hated first-Friday masses. On one hand, you got to miss a little bit of class. But on the other, you had to sit with your entire school for a few hours…

12. And you can still recite every word to the mass. This includes the priest’s lines.

13. The moment when your knee socks began to lose their elasticity was the worst. Especially when you didn’t realize until after you were already at school and your socks fell down every time you tried to move.

14. If you chose to wear tights, you were guaranteed to get a run in them by second period. This was the way of the world.



15. Going to confession was the most stressful thing ever. Is the priest going to judge me?! What are the words to the Act of Contrition, again!?

16. Gym days were the best days. Who doesn’t want to hang around in sweat pants all day long?!



17. You compared ashes on Ash Wednesday. No one wanted to be the kid stuck with the biggest, blackest cross on their forehead for the whole day.

18. You still remember the first day you were officially done with Catholic school. Whether you graduated or left, there was guaranteed panic when you realized you had to pick out an outfit every. single. day.

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