Lionsgate Announces a Real-Life ‘Catching Fire’ Clothing Line

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Effie Trinket may be known for her eye-popping fashion, but she’s not the one you should be praising. No no, you actually should be hailing Trish Summerville, the costume designer for Catching Fire, who’s a total bad-ass (hey, like Katniss!), and just received the honor of Costume Designer of the Year at the 2013 Style Awards.

With the ceremony being held tonight — just in time for New York Fashion Week! — we got to catch up with Trish on the sequel to The Hunger Games. But before you learn about those juicy details, wait ’til you hear the latest Catching Fire fashion news. It’s just been announced that Lionsgate and luxury fashion retailer NET-A-PORTER have an exclusive partnership, and created a lux clothing line called Capitol Couture by Trish Summerville. In a press release (via Deadline), it states that the new collection “consists of 16 ready-to-wear pieces as well as jewelry and leather goods inspired by The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and designed by Trish Summerville.”

Trish says of the collection, “I am extremely proud of the designs that we created for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and there’s no partner more appropriate for Capitol Couture than the world’s most cutting-edge luxury retailer.”

The styles will be available via NET-A-PORTER this fall in time for the movie’s November 22 release. Does it sound like something you’d be interested in? What are your favorite looks from the film (so far)? Tell us in the comments below, or on our Catching Fire message board, and make sure to stay tuned for more from Trish Summerville on!

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