POLL: What’s Your Favorite Catching Fire Track?

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The soundtrack for The Hunger Games gave us the amazing Taylor Swift song “Safe and Sound,” but we’re getting a whole new slew of awesome tunes with Catching Fire! To say the sequel’s soundtrack is star-studded would be a serious understatement. With songs from superstars such as Coldplay and Christina Aguilera, you’ll be listening to the soundtrack long after you see the movie!

Now, since there are so many great songs, we wanted YOUR help picking which one is the best. We’ve included ALL the songs for your listening pleasure below, so take a listen to them, and let your voice be heard by casting your vote for the best song in the poll!

Also, if you haven’t already, pick up your own copy of the soundtrack by clicking HERE.

Will you be seeing Catching Fire when it hits theaters on November 22? Sound off in the comments section!

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